A Christ Centered Staffing Agency

Restoring Hope and Dignity

About US

Sparrows Staffing is a staffing company based in Arizona with the goal of getting people who have struggled with addiction back in the workforce succcessfully. Our goal is to provide recovery programs that will not only help prevent receividism, but also bring restoration and healing. 

 Our Mission

Sparrows Staffing is built on the vision of changing lives and strengthening families. Our goal is to provide vocational experience to individuals who have been incarcerated due to drugs and alcohol. This vocational training allows individuals to gain skills that will allow them to work with dignity. Supporting the individuals allows us to reach and help families succeed, strengthened from the inside out. 

Sparrows Staffing is currently extending Celebrate Recovery 12 Step resources, and more. We have established strong relationships with partnering businesses and churches to make sure multiple resources are available to our employees and their entire family. Life is not meant to be done alone